We do ourselves harm by turning athletes into Gods, they just might believe us…

Novak Djokovic before a Davis Cup match in Australia last year. Michael Probst/Associated Press

Who is Novak Djokovic and why is he more special than me and you?

Novak Djokovic is a fantastic tennis player. He is also rich—and famous enough to flout Australian public health guidelines in pursuits of purely selfish ends—another Grand Slam tennis title.

Whatever you think of his game, his prior claims to spirituality based on morality are flushed.

That he is one of…

With a helpful tip at the end…

Photo by Redd on Unsplash

John Miller sat at the neighborhood bar teaching the unimpressed and unimpressive bartender how to mix his favorite drink. He’d brought in a four-pack of Starbuck’s mocha cappuccino bottles.

“It’s four parts vodka, well vodka is fine, two parts Kahlua, and half a bottle of the Starbuck’s,” he’d told him.

Another fabulous example of why there are 21 titles in Silva’s Gabriel Allon series

Author’s copy—photo by Author

Daniel Silva’s most recent addition to the catalog of Israeli spymaster Gabriel Allon’s international political thrillers, The Cellist, hits all the right notes. Silva/Allon fans will delight in finding Gabriel and his usual cast of characters intact. Julian Isherwood, Christopher Keller, Sarah Bancroft, and, of course, the lovely Chiara and…

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