How it’s going and a sample of my most-read stories

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Hey Now!

Welcome to my little slice of Medium. I really appreciate you taking the time to look at my work. No — I REALLY appreciate you doing so.

Of all the things you could be doing, you’re here. I want to make it worth your while that you stopped by.

I’ve surpassed 250 published articles. I’ll keep this list to around my top 10 most read stories, as a sampler. These have been selected by most read, which, any writer knows, doesn’t necessarily mean best work. That’s a highly subjective matter. Once published, it’s yours to decide. …

Matching preferences to principles will lead to increased happiness.

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Multiple times throughout the day, each of us decides about our actions from the menu of options available at the time of the choice.

This needs a bit of unpacking. You are reading this right now. You could do something else instead. But reading this showed up on your menu of activities and you did so. This process was in play before you knew about it, and it will continue now that you know about it.

Your preferences, those decisions you consistently, habitually make, are the components that shape your life.

Interestingly, you didn’t just choose to read — you…

Was that as blatant a publicity stunt as it seemed to me?

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I felt uneasy yesterday watching NFL games with coaches pacing the sidelines in NYPD and NYFD hats. I felt like it was a publicity stunt offered up by white owners meant to assuage some white viewer’s feelings over the past social activism of outspoken black players. I could be wrong.

Thank God for selfless, courageous first responders

It’s not that I don’t appreciate what those brave, selfless heroes compromising the cadre of New York’s first responders did on 9–11. God knows I appreciate their sacrifices. Jesus taught there is no greater love than one who lays down his life for his friends. …

This counter-intuitive culprit may surprise you

Photo by Emmanuel Phaeton on Unsplash

When I was a school-aged kid, I remember fun little tests they would sometimes give which asked us to look at a selection of pictures or a group of words and determine which picture or word didn’t belong. A grouping of four types of fish and one cow, for instance. Sometimes it would be five nouns and one verb. That type of exercise, if you follow me.

This article is a look at a similar grouping of words. We find the words in one of the most loved passages in the New Testament, a rhetorical question found in Paul’s letter…

Why—or, why not?

Photo by Riccardo Pitzalis on Unsplash

Perhaps you’ve seen the movie Limitless, in which Bradley Cooper plays a person who ingests and becomes dependent upon a wonder drug that provides super-charged “limitless” capabilities. Based on the novel, The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn, the plot follows the character’s meteoric rise after consumption of the drug MDT-48… and the fall from those heights once the secret chemical formula and resultant re-supply escapes his control.

It’s an interesting and entertaining novel. The movie is equally well-done and true to the story.

Everything is possible if you open your mind

There is no such drug with the effects of the fictional drug in Limitless, whose tag line…

An entertaining story of a long, strange trip

Photo by Joonyeop Baek on Unsplash

When I was 19 years old, I made a cross-country pilgrimage to the home of my favorite band, the Grateful Dead.

That’s an understatement.

The journey

I made the pilgrimage from North Carolina to Binghamton, NY, to Boston, MA, (rumor was the Dead were going to play a free 4th of July concert on the Commons) to NYC, to Sterling, CO, to Ft. Collins, CO, to Boulder, CO, to Denver, CO, to Cora, WY, to Jackson Hole, WY, to Grand Tetons National Park, to Yellowstone National Park, to West Yellowstone, MT, to Pocatello, ID, to Springfield, OR (where I met the iconic…

After 20 years, is this what Justice looks like, I think not

Photo by Jesse Mills on Unsplash

I cannot believe it’s been 20 years since 9–11. It prompted me to review that day — how it made me feel then, and how I feel now, 20 years later.

I spent that morning taking my 11-year-old second daughter to babysit. We homeschooled, and part of the curriculum was “cottage industry”. We wanted to inculcate the idea that our kids could earn for themselves by putting their talents and skills to work.

My daughter was nurturing and kind. She had built-in experience taking care of her two younger sisters and a younger brother in our household. So, her services…

5 underloved stories from last month & some cryptic statistics for your reading pleasure

Cover art by John Van Hamersveld

Below are five stories that didn’t get as much love as I’d hoped.

I’m closing in on the 500 follower milestone, so I thought this shortform ditty might lead to a few more reads for one or all of them, especially for my newest readers and followers.

Using the Medium Enhanced Stats tool for Chrome, I see that I’m just over halfway to the next “views” milestone which comes at 25k views. I suppose that’s a good thing, too.

And he even got Brian May to join in…

Photo by Noah Näf on Unsplash

I’ve just listened to the one and only Rick Beato dissect and analyze the fabulous studio version of Queen’s classic rock-opera beast, Bohemian Rhapsody.

Joining Rick to discuss the recording details, use of tracks, the multi-track vocal “bouncing” and even some special amplifier sounds built by John Deacon, is Queen lead guitarist extraordinaire, Brian May.

Rick’s love of the song, the band, the music, and the era shines through. He has an intimate familiarity with the recording techniques (all analog) of the time in which the band laid down these tracks and gives high praise not just for the sublime…

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