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Welcome to my little slice of Medium. I really appreciate you taking the time to look at my work. No — I REALLY appreciate you doing so.

Of all the things you could be doing, you’re here. I want to make it worth your while that you stopped by.

I’m approaching 200 published articles. I’ll keep this list to my top 5 as an appetizer. These are selected by top performing, which, any writer knows, doesn’t necessarily mean best work. That’s a highly subjective matter. Once published, it’s yours to decide.

A Little About Me

I’ll be 57 this year which is <gulp> hard…

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Think for a minute about why you like what you like. Learn to identify the feeling of liking something before you have the words to tell yourself you like it. That resonance, that connection, that is your home.

What You Like Defines You

Why do you like one thing over another? Why don’t you like this thing better? Can your likes change — become weaker (?), or stronger? If they can change, did the thing formerly liked change? Or did you change? Important stuff because you’ll discover soon, if you haven’t already — what you like defines you.

Our Preferences Start In The Cradle

In infancy, we are blank slates. We…

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You can learn everything you need to know in life from listening to the Grateful Dead…but you must also dance.

The Godfather is the i-Ching, I beg to differ

My tip is a derivative of this Godfather scene in You’ve Got Mail, the 1998 rom-com starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. In the classic scene, Hanks answers Ryans questions with references to the Godfather, assuring her it is the “answer to every question,” the “i-Ching,” and “the sum of all wisdom.” It is a brilliant scene Hanks pulls off with aplomb, throwing in some impromptu Brando imitations for emphasis.

I love the scene, but beg to differ. My go-to…

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Parent so your kids seek your advice. If your kids ask your opinion, you have been a good parent.

As the father of 7, five girls and two boys, I think I’m qualified to speak on this. My kids range from 34 to 17 as of this writing, all born of the same mother.

Parents reading this don’t have to be told how challenging the job is. There are times you ask yourself, “Am I doing this parenting thing right?” The role lends itself to self-doubt and recriminations. …

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Do the hardest thing first. Move the heaviest thing first is like it. Always be working towards easier.

“Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” ~Mark Twain

Here is a link to fellow Medium writer, Saimadhu Polamuri’s, book review on the business productivity tome, Eat That Frog, by Brian Tracy. You can read it to learn more about the business and productivity applications of this principle.

But I didn’t learn the concept of doing the hardest, least pleasant thing, first, from Mark Twain, Brian Tracy, or Saimadhu. …

Although Fear Has An Unfair Advantage

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As much as lies within you, be motivated by hope more than by fear.

For your entire life, two great underlying motivators have debated and fought over all your decisions — hope of gain and fear of loss. These two combatants, working in opposition, have driven you to do, or not do — to opt for, or against — every choice having meaningful results from the time you were old enough to exercise free agency (self-direction in your preferences).

Scan through a listing of headlines and sub-titles on Medium. Nearly all seek clicks and readers by triggering hopes or fears…

Air-Traffic Controllers are masters of sequential thinking (Shutterstock Image: Licensed to Author)

Sequential thinking is a life-skill that must be practiced and mastered over a lifetime.

Sequential thinking organizes knowledge and actions into ordered steps.

Facing uncertainty is eased by this kind of thinking because each step taken towards unknown answers to questions follows and builds upon known(certain) answers to previous ones.

This kind of thinking shows up everywhere, but the construction trades are a good example. Foundations before floor systems. Floors before walls. Walls before ceilings and roofs.

Air traffic controllers use sequential thinking to do their job. The controller takes lots of data into account to organize and arrange a…

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There is a Grand Canyon between you on your best day and Jesus on his worst. Being “Christlike” is a fallacy. Genuine Christianity has never been about imitation or method acting.

A Grand Canyon of Difference

Take honest inventory of your spiritual life, and you’ll realize there is a Grand Canyon between you and Jesus. Even on your best day, when you’ve dressed up, said your prayers, had a devotional time, listened to Christian music, and meditated on God — you cannot produce the Spiritual resource needed to live the Christian life. …

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The love of God is like light from the Sun. If you turn your back on the Sun, the light will hit you in the back.

I’m writing so you don’t let the Love of God hit you in the back. In the Bible, or Christian scriptures, there are many references to the love of God. Here is a listing of some of the more well know of them. Leaving aside very thorny, legitimate questions about the existence of evil and pain in the world for now, I will focus on one verse:

Whoever does not love does not know…

Why you should take care what you listen to for your mental health

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Music bypasses your thoughts to affect your emotions directly. It is unique among art forms for this quality as far as I’ve discovered. Take care then, what you are inviting to stir your emotions.

Music affects emotions and brain responses in emotional centers regardless of lyrical content, or whether the pieces are solely instrumental. So there is brain imaging and clinical proof that music bypasses your thoughts to affect your emotions directly.

This topic is worthy of a book or a doctoral thesis on its own. I will limit my commentary to calling your attention to the facts stated. …

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