A self-prescribed short assignment

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In Kindergarten, I learned to count to 100. Ms. Lincoln was my teacher. She sat at a wooden desk in the center of the classroom rather than at the front of the room near the chalkboard. In the center, she was nearer to every student.

The way I learned to…

What is your writing setup?

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I wrote this in a hotel room on my iPad Pro 11-inch with a Smart Keyboard (purchased separately) attached.

It feels like typing on a tiny laptop. Only when I reach for keys in the top row do the backs of my nails brush against the bottom edge of my…

Can make a man do anything

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After… Adam’s friends recalled him often saying that a person in the wrong circumstances and the right temptations was capable of anything. But none expected this…

Adam’s strongest trait was his sense of humor. Sure, he made a lot of money and owned some expensive things, making those on the…

Is Al Franken available for an assignment?

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How many cultures exist in America?

Considering the ongoing, politically driven Culture Wars in the US, I googled “how many cultures are in America?” I found an interesting article in business insider, claiming 11 different US “nations” complete with territorial borders and unique cultural, linguistic, and political affinities. It is an interesting read. On a site…

Puppy Dropping and the Silver War

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Puppy Dropping

One of my earliest memories is of sitting on a dingy stoop of eight or ten concrete steps with an older kid and him repeatedly dropping a puppy over the side from near the top. I must have been three or four. The stoop climbed sideways up a brick apartment…

Help a guy out here

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I have 650 Medium followers. You may have 65 followers, or you may have 6500. What exactly does that mean? What do we, as Medium member/writers really have?

I was so excited last month when my follower count climbed above 500. That excitement was short-lived. Reaching that milestone did nothing…

You’ll just recycle and regurgitate the day’s popular memes and tropes, believing the ideas are your own

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“I am still committed to the idea that the ability to think for oneself depends upon one’s mastery of the language…”

Joan Didion: Slouching Towards Bethlehem


In the late 1960s, after the ’67 summer of love, but while the Vietnam protests were in full bloom, Joan Didion went to the…

When blood cries out from the ground

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After the divorce, the brothers shared the largest room, and the enormous bed that had been their folks’. This was the deal they’d made with their mom to agree to move with her to the new house. Their mom and sister each took smaller bedrooms. The boys took the largest…

A bittersweet story on my youngest daughter’s 21st

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21 years ago today, my last daughter was born. She was daughter number five, and child number six. Like all her siblings before her, she was born at home.

A cold morning

It was still dark and hours before dawn when the contractions started. Frost covered the windows running the length of the…

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