The Idol of Trump: Redux

Greg Proffit
4 min readMar 2, 2021
I’m not sure how this will play out before the Judgement Seat

Do you find it curious that Christians get engrossed and upset about politics?

I do.


Christians claim belief in a God who sent His only-begotten Son into the world during the time of a brutal Roman occupation of what is now Israel.

From this fact, one might deduce that politics and governmental systems aren’t a requirement for God to His thing.

It appears that if God wants to do something in the world, He can do it under the most oppressive, tyrannical regime imaginable. Can’t He? He might even use that brutal regime, unbeknownst to it, to accomplish His very purposes.

And since there are no red words in the bible that say anything about running for office, or supporting a candidate, or overturning the political system, even the casual reader of the bible might conclude politics is irrelevant when it comes to Jesus’ real mission.

There’s a passage in the New Testament that does touch on something Jesus cares about: saving the lost.

At one point He tells his followers to lift up their eyes and look at the fields. They are white and ready to be harvested, He says, telling them, ”Pray to the Lord of the Harvest that He will send forth laborers into the harvest.”

They must have listened. In the very next passage they are ordained as Apostles and sent out two by two to preach the gospel, heal the sick, and cast out demons. They are to give as freely as they’ve received, being wise as serpents but harmless as doves. He tells them, ”Whoever receives you, receives Me.”

These passages would be sermon material for months. But here’s a thought; these first, real Evangelicals were sent out, not to register voters, not to carry political flags, not to pray to golden idols of failed politicians, but to reach the lost.

In light of Jesus’ stated mission to ”seek and save the lost”, this occurred to me:

Many of the country’s affected by the pre-Covid travel ban imposed by our former President (the guy anointed by today’s misguided, seemingly-biblically-illiterate, Evangelicals and Charismatics as ”God’s choice”), do not allow Jesus to be preached as Savior in those lands. It is illegal. It is punishable by…

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