November 1, Edition

Pardonez-moi while I have a little spinach artichoke dip and bourbon. Photo courtesy of Beth Hughes

A Word

I’m disappointed in myself. I’ve invested too much time in Medium. With the advent of this month, I’m at the 9 month mark of taking writing seriously—of treating it as a full-time occupation. And now it’s time to find serious pay.

I will continue to post the required minimums to…

Another fabulous example of why there are 21 titles in Silva’s Gabriel Allon series

Author’s copy—photo by Author

Daniel Silva’s most recent addition to the catalog of Israeli spymaster Gabriel Allon’s international political thrillers, The Cellist, hits all the right notes. Silva/Allon fans will delight in finding Gabriel and his usual cast of characters intact. Julian Isherwood, Christopher Keller, Sarah Bancroft, and, of course, the lovely Chiara and…

Does anyone remember a world dancing in the streets?

Photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash

Tuesday was the appetizer for 2022 and beyond

Anyone paying attention expected Democratic candidate’s resounding defeat on Tuesday. The country is in a foul mood. Elected democrats, including the president, are playing at governing like rank amateurs. Tuesday’s election results were a warm-up act for the 2022 mid-terms.

Daily, the distance between Democrat’s campaign promises and the reality…

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